Hello I'm Ugal Godwin

An IT Consultant & Digital Marketer

Let’s Say, I will start my introduction by giving you a glams on how I started my business. How I started out as service provider, I started with joblessness as a young graduate who just left NYSC, I got my first job as a volunteer with In RCCG Celebration Area Abuja. I was the Head Admin and also media department director. After going through several Digital Marketing course on google, I used my skill to promote church activities.

I decided to face the real world, then came the covid. While the world was panicking, I took a different part, I decided to register my business with the CAC. While I was faced with hunger and no money, I went on self-service research on how to register CAC without the help of a legal practitioner or an agent.

Boom I took the chance and followed the process which after many failures, it became a skill. It however cost me more time and money but got me a skill outside my profession. However, let me assume you’re here because you want to make sure I’m not just another fake internet guys.

The story above is the Brief and short version of my life story. However I started digital marketing in 2015 after I had left school as computer science graduate and wanted to know how to promote my business since marketing was becoming the new internet hacks for money, In 2019 I attempted to market insurance to understand human demography on marketing. I work with ARM Insurance for about 3 months. As an introvert, I ended up being attracted to inbound marketing, which uses digital marketing strategies to attract clients.

Before I knew it, I got an offer from providence surgicals Ltd. and went on to become their consultant/ Digital Marketing adviser, I also got an offer from African Children Education Foundation ACEF/ Cygnus Alliance Group, a crypto currency with her used case based on humanitarian services as an IT consultant. But here’s where things got interesting.

I have never used my certificate to work for the whole of my life. I went from jobless graduate to become a business owner without a visible capital, I did all this, with just my skill. Before all this I lost everything about myself and life was hell.

After applying for multiple jobs and got no invitation or some I will be almost close to get it, but because of no connection I will not get any.  Then I decide and I made that decision, that have brought me to this point of using the skills I have to promote SPECTRAHUB and myself as a brand. This move changed everything for me. I started getting more clients guess what? Many of them I have not seen them in person.

Since then, I have had the privilege of working with different clients in, delivering CAC/digital marketing services or consultancy services to promote their brands in ways that would generate revenue.

Sometimes I wonder how I was able to do all this with little or no capital at some point. my marketing sidekick is, I’m always developing myself with new working knowledge.

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